Welcome to PBA - Professional Business Advisors

Professional Business Advisors (PBA) is a "fee paid" recruiting service catering to the personnel needs of South Florida businesses. We specialize in finding and identifying the best employees for businesses in the real estate, mortgage, title insurance, business acquisition and home improvement fields.

PBA has placed hundreds of employees with a variety of highly regarded, reputable companies throughout the Treasure Coast . We have worked with prospective personnel from Fortune 500 companies, placing them in matching executive and management positions.

Companies seeking entry level, clerical or administrative personnel have been particularly satisfied with PBA's multi-level, in-depth screening process and selectivity. PBA focuses on "career orientated" candidates for these positions, not just individuals "seeking a job".

If your company is looking for high quality, reliable, steady employees, send an e-mail indicating your needs. Your inquiry will receive a prompt response.

PBA operates as a FREE service for all employees. All fees paid to PBA are done so through the EMPLOYERS. Since the employer pays for the service, there is no charge to prospective employees who are placed in a position of employment.

PBA represents only those companies who are seeking individuals of quality and substance. If you've had enough of "dead end" jobs, jobs without a future or employment that has done nothing to increase your attractiveness in the marketplace, NOW is the time to contact PBA and see what we can do for you.

If you're looking for work, click here and take a FREE and fun "Personality Profile" test. Afterwards email your resume to admin@PBAdvisors.com